Italian products online

We know how difficult it is to find the Italian products you love most abroad. For this reason we are creating a network of people able to send local products to Italians abroad. Once you have created your package you will be assigned a shipping agent, who will go to do the shopping, compose the package and take care of the shipment.

1 – To get started, put your package together by placing the products and quantities you prefer in your shopping cart.

2 – After you have made the purchase you will be assigned a forwarding agent

3 – The forwarder goes shopping in one of the local shops in Italy

4 – The forwarder organizes the shipment by courier

Shipping costs are calculated when you enter your address

Start composing your package


Buy online Italian food

Buying Italian food online has never been so easy. The sale of typical Italian products abroad is our mission, but it’s not a piece of cake. For this reason we work hard to guarantee our Italian customers the best shopping experience. We are always open to dialogue and we know that sometimes things can go wrong. You may be wondering, for example:

Is it safe to buy Italian food online?

There are many sites to buy Italian food online. HomeSweetShop only sells long term expiration products, focusing on dry shelf products such as biscuits, pasta, chips, etc. This way we are sure to ship safe food, which can’t go bad. The products are supplied by Italian supermarkets and shipped directly to your home.

Is it possible to sell typical Italian products abroad?

Yes, the sale of typical Italian products abroad is possible without any kind of obstacle within the EU countries. For these countries, in fact, there is the principle of free movement of goods. For this reason, we can deliver typical Italian products quite easily throughout the EU.

What happens if one or more products do not arrive intact?

In this case we commit ourselves to return the goods not intact free of charge, just provide a picture demonstration. If you no longer want to receive the goods we will send you a full refund.

What happens if one or more products I have ordered are no longer available?

We will contact you at the email address you provided in the purchase process to ask if you would like to: 1 – change the product with one of equal value 2 – receive a partial refund for the missing product 3 – receive a full refund 4 – receive a coupon of the value of the missing product for your next order.